GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version v17.00 Official

GBWhatsapp Pro Apk Download: Now download Whatsapp’s latest version GBwhatsapp mods Apk. The latest version app was published by Omar. He published also GB mods called GBWhatsapp. If you are using the old version of this app, I suggest you download the latest version of GBwhatsApp.

See below I give a download link. And also describe how to install if you don’t know.

Download GBWhatsApp APK Official Latest Version – Want to use WhatsApp, but you can’t afford to pay for it? Here is what you need. What is GBWhatsApp, also known as GBWA?

GBWA operates just like the original by allowing voice, video, and chatting.

Sharing places, documents, contacts, and everything else is also possible. Install in Android Device to WhatsApp GB new version download from my website GBwhatsAppr.Com. I provide all the latest version GBwhatsApp latest version app on our Website.

What Is GBWhatsapp?

We already know that GB Whatsapp is the greatest app. And I published full guidelines about the GBwhatsapp app on my website. How to install GBwhatsapp in Android Device, Version Information, App feature and New feature which is added to the last version. If you don’t know about this app.

Gb Whatsapp Apk

Please visit my previous post. In that post, I give out a full guide about GBwhatsapp. And also give how to install step by step with screenshots. If you Some Feature about GB Whatsapp Apk…

There are a lot of mods app available in the Internet world. Many people like the most popular messing application might have installed WhatsApp. Now available the most updated version of WhatsApp called GBwhatsapp.

There are many new features added to the new version. The latest version of the GBwhatsApp messenger app updates more new features that were missing in old others versions Baixar Whatsapp GB Atualizado.

GBWhatsApp Pro Features 2022

GBWhatsApp has a lot of unique themes you can change or buy from the GBWhatsApp company. GBWA lets you set up multiple accounts for whatever reason you like. The languages you can choose from, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and more that will assist you with managing your multiple accounts.

You can also store and share videos and pictures up to 50 MB in size. You can share photos and videos with your family and friends for free and fast.You can hide conversations on GBWhatsApp if you are shy or do not want to be stalked.People who like to ghost others can also hide their messages with it. When the application is closed, those who are extroverted can still appear online.

Learning the new features of GB WhatsApp is crucial. Here are a few enticing features of GB WhatsApp.

Firstly, you can use both at the same time, WhatsApp and the new GB WhatsApp, simultaneously. GB WhatsApp offers a great advantage with privacy factors. The original WhatsApp has fewer privacy features. If you wish to have more privacy the new GB WhatsApp is the right option. The features offered include:

  • Hides online status
  • Hides blue both ticks
  • Hides typing status
  • Offers the feature of anti-delete
  • Lock the chat of your choice


GB WhatsApp showers a lot of shortcuts and you can enjoy saving time. There is a need for shortcuts keeping with the busy schedules and as a privacy measure. The shortcuts available now with GB WhatsApp include:

  • ‘Written Status copy’ Shortcut
  • ‘Status Saving’ shortcut
  • Increase by 7 minutes the status limit( Now with original WhatsApp it is 30 seconds)
  • Features a message scheduler with a feature of auto-reply

Summary of GBWhatsApp APK Features 

Here is a listing of what GBWhatsApp has to offer. The A.P.K. may convince you to download it. 

  • Icons for launchers
  • Message auto-reply
  • Writers’ status hidden
  • Chat feature hidden
  • Turn off recording status
  • You can add stickers from Google Play.
  • WhatsApp web is compatible (but features aren’t available).
  • Share audio files up to 100 MB
  • GBWA users can create and use themes.
  • Providing backups
  • Normally video status can last up to 30 seconds, but this time it can last up to 7 minutes.
  • Amazing styles of ticks
  • Icons for launchers
  • Change notify-bar icon
  • Multi gif providers
  • Change video player
  • Log available
  • Message Scheduler

GBWhatsApp Feature Details

In case you still are not convinced, here is a detailed list of its features. These features would help you decide which one you prefer. 

  • You are safe from malware if you use the official GBWhatsApp App. 
  • Utilize the functionality of this App to build your own themes. 
  • Whatsapp and GBWhatsApp can be used on one device simultaneously. 
  • GBWhatsApp allows you to copy your images or videos, quotes, and other items directly from your Facebook timeline. 
  • You can send large files using the GBWhatsApp app, such as videos, images, APK files, and music. 
  • You can hide your messages with GBWhatsApp’s hidden message ticks.
  • GBWhatsApp lets you hide your online status.
  • There is no limit to the number of photos you can share at one time.
  • GBWhatsApp allows its users to create their own emojis, and to share those emojis with others. This is fun! 
  • There is no limit to the number of stickers you can get in GBWhatsApp. 
  • An app’s icon can be changed on your menu and in the notification bar.
  • It was originally only possible to send automatic replies to messages through GBWhatsapp. Even if you are not online, GBWA will reply to people who message you. 
  • Your theme would most likely be shared with other users in this case.
  • The extended video status is one of the best features. Users can, however, extend this time by 7 minutes using GBWhatsapp’s new A.P.K. feature.
  • You can use a password to secure your GBWhatsapp messages. 
  • If you don’t want to use WhatsApp’s built-in video player, you can also use GBWhatsapp.

Additionally, you can find more WhatsApp mods here.

There are many more key features listed with and is available with the new GB WhatsApp and to name a few are:

  • Increase in upload limit to 100 megabytes
  • View status list
  • Status download button
  • Can reply automatically
  • Message translation
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Change WhatsApp themes
  • Change app font, and so on.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

App NameGB WhatsApp (Anti Ban)
App Versionv17.00
Last Update15 Aug, 2022
App Size53 MB
Android RequiredVersion 4.0+
Required RootNo Need
Downloads20 Millions+

We recommend that you use AlexMods since it is the best version. And for that, there are two specific reasons.

In addition to not being bothered by pop-up ads, you will get a range of customized features.

For instant updates, you Join Our Telegram Channel.

Latest Version GB WhatsAp Download from here. Recently GBwhatsApp new Version v18.35 updated. Before May month we got another updated version of this app. In this update, there is a more valuable feature added.

Also fixed banned issues which make a big problem on this app users. Download Anti-Ban Official GBwhatsApp below link.

In this update, there is some old problems were fixed. It is

  • Anti-Ban
  • Fixed Hidden chart count issue
  • Payments color fixed
  • Fixed crash when open chat
  • And others

Actually, this update was coming to the main factor of the ban issue. I hope if you will use the latest version, you don’t fell the ban issue problem.

Download GB WhatsApp APK Previous Versions

If you have a smartphone below Android 9 and want to enjoy GB WhatsApp’s impressive features, you can check out the following mod.

How to Install GBwhatsApp Apk 2022

Not so hard to install this app. It’s also the same as other Android apps. If you follow some steps below, I hope you can do install it successfully. If you need any help, please ask the question in the comment box.

Step#1: Download GBwhatsApp Apk

Step#2: Open Download file (Turn on Unknown Source)

Step#3: Click Install Button

Step#4: Open Install file & fill all requirement which needs to create an account.

Step#5: Finished & enjoy yourself.

Recommended: Complete guide to Install GBwhatsApp Apk 2022

Difference Between GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp?

The new GB WhatsApp offers many extra features that are not available in the original version. The internet is full of WhatsApp modded versions, but the GB WhatsApp is the best option.

GB WhatsApp offers a galore of features, but there are limitations such as your data is not secure as in this app it is shared with third-party for advertisements. It also may be unstable at times. These are a few hurdles, but if you wish to enjoy features, download the latest v8.30 GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp is an app that is safe to use on an Android device. It is not a malware or some virus to damage your Smartphone. It is a mod version that has emerged from the original version. Yet, be careful in downloading; ensure you do not use any GBWhatsApp that is fake as you will end up with a 100% ban.

Advantages of using GBWhatsapp

There are many Advantages of this GBWA Apk for Android free Version. There are many features like the GBWhatsapp Premium Version. These all are very cool and simple. For These Features, GBWA pro is the most popular messaging Apk in your Country.

Here I have some New features of GBwhatsApp Mods. But these all are very popular and well-known advantages to this Apk users. So let us check the GbWhatsapp Pro Apk Advantages.

Hide Online Status 

This is an amazing feature of this Apk. Hide Online status from others is a very useful feature to all Mods Apk users. When you don’t want to publish that you are online. then you can hide your Online status from your Whatsapp plus friends. That means you can hide you from your friends.

Hide Last Seen Message

Do you want to see your friends Message in hiding from his/her? If you think that, then this feature is very useful for you. By using this feature you can hide your seen option. That means you can your friends message SMS without knowing him. That’s really interesting or Not?

Writing Text Safely

Typing a text to your friends without knowing him/her. That means when you type a text/message to your friends he can’t see the “‘ He is typing”‘ Notification. You can type a status like that hide typing status. this is an uncommon feature of messaging Apk.

Junk Cleaner

This is a very important tool to thus users who don’t want to keep unnecessary spam on his WA plus account. Really Unnecessary spam and file make your account very slow. so this tool will rid you of the problem and make your account faster.

Message Scheduler:

 Everybody wants an opportunity to make a message scheduler. Everyone wants ”When he is sleeping, his messaging app automatically sent a message to his friends.” This dream comes to be true. That means you can make a message scheduler on this Whatsapp plus 2022. Make a Birthday wishes message on Message Scheduler and set the time. It will send at the time automatically.

Hide Blue Ticks

In WA plus Apk, Gbmods authority given this cool feature. With this feature, you can see the message sent to anyone, and after seeing you can Hide Blue Trick option to hide your seen icon from there. So they can’t understand that you saw the message.

Privacy settings

GB WhatsApp features are widely appreciated and it allows hiding information of anyone on your profile activity. Using this app allows you to hide that you viewed someone else’s. You can also keep the blue ticks, the second tick of showing the delivered message, and the status showing the message typing, everything can be hidden.

Besides, GB WhatsApp features include the ability to lock or hide chats. You can also put on the app a passcode such that it does not offer permission to avoid anyone opening your WhatsApp.

Better WhatsApp experience

  • This app offers maximum control. GB WhatsApp has a galore of custom themes that even the app locking feature is interesting as there are custom themes available in a wide variety. You may change the action icon or the color of the icon app and the same applies to the notification app.
  • Referring to the control factor, you can stay online all 24 hours, just be cautious of your battery that may give up fast.
  • Additionally, you may have your own custom theme created instead of the preset ones. In case you like to share it with others you may submit it to GB WhatsApp. The app will get the themes to list updated and you can see it.
  • The GB WhatsApp features offer a distinct experience as it allows copying the status of other people to your clipboard, while it does not copy the name and date as it is copying multiple messages.
  • You receive an alert in case your friend has left online or has done changes to his profile picture. It may appear to be creepy, but this helps as you need not check constantly if your friend is online or not to have a conversation.

Are you feel Bored reading the Advantage of this GbMods Apk. Then no more discussion about this advantage of this Apk. Now Download GBwhatsApp Apk’s latest version and know about other advantages of this Apk.

Disadvantages of Using GBWhatsapp

There is very to find out an Apk which has no disadvantage. To be frank there is a little Disadvantage to this GBWhatsapp Pro Apk. These all cons are very simple. So they will not make big trouble for you and your Android device. But you ought to know about the Disadvantages of this Apk before start using this GBWA Pro for Android.


 This is the most boring problem for GBWhatsappMods Apk users. They all feel tense about the Bans. Because they are at risk of having to go back to the original WhatsApp Messenger.

But the GBWhatsapp latest is the Anti-Banned Version. So you can get rid of this problem. Though its an Anti-Ban Version we can’t trust this Authority. That’s why you should make your GbWhatsapp Back-up file.

Keep Updating

 You May know, that GbMods always update their GBWhatsapp. So you need to update your GBWhatsapp via downloading GBWhatsapp’s last update. That’s very irritating for all users. So it is a disadvantage of this Apk. Though it is a disadvantage, it is useful to us. Because in every update, the GBMods developer has fixed problems and added many new features.

Sometimes many users have lost their old chatting when they update their Whatsapp mod. But nothing to worry about this GBWhatsapp update 2022. you can update this Apk latest version without uninstalling the current version.

Third-Party Apk

It is well-known to all Mods users that GBWhatsapp is a Third-party Apk. So your data, text message, or chatting has been saved on their servers. That means when you send a text to your friends that will go on their servers first and then send it to your friends. So we can call it another disadvantage of this Apk.

Another Problem of this WA Plus Apk.

  • It is not legal to Download GBwhatsApp Apk in your Country. But you can use this Apk without facing any problems.
  • You can not Download GBWhatsapp Apk free from Google Play.
  • You may lose the current account cause of your older account.
  • You can not use a temporary phone number to verify your GBWhatsapp account
  • It is safe to use. but you need to care all the time and use the WA+ guide.

How to Update GBwhatsapp Pro on Android Device

Nowadays a major problem of GBwhatsapp Update. The main reason for this problem, GB Whatsapp is not available on Google Play Store. That’s why users can’t update this app easily. If you are worried about this issue, I can help you here. To update your GBwhatsapp on your Android device you should follow the below steps.

  • Backup Old Whatsapp Data from GBSettings >> Universal >> Backup & Restore >> Backup Whatsapp DATA
  • Then Download the New version GBwhatsapp Pro Apk from our website
  • Install this New Version app
  • After Installed Open this app
  • Tap on Agree & restore button

Then wait some time, I hope all data will restore your old WhatsApp to the New version of Whatsapp Pro.

How to Migrate WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp?

If you don’t want to lose your current chats, you might be reluctant to perform a GBWA download. It is not a problem. With GBWA, you do not have to lose your chat history.

All your conversations will be retained in your previous app if you follow the tutorials. This article may be helpful to you if you are looking to upgrade to the best WhatsApp Mod, GBWhatsApp.

  1. If you want to delete your chats and media, log into WhatsApp Settings > Click on Chat Backup.
  2. GBWA will use this backup to restore messages.
  3. After backing up your GBWhatsApp file successfully, open your File Manager >> WhatsApp folder and rename the file to GBWhatsApp.
  4. You should also rename the folders inside of the Media within the renamed folder.
  5. Download GBWA Apk from your device’s app store. Click the link above to download the file.
  6. You will need to enter the One Time Password once GBWhatsApp has been installed.
  7. There will be an option to restore from a backup. Chats
  8. Once the restore process is complete, you will see your new name and display image.
  9. Finally, we’ve moved WhatsApp to GBWhatsapp.

In the GBWA you’ll find a bunch of cool stuff you haven’t seen in the official WhatsApp app. It won’t even cross your mind again if you stop using the App.

GBWhatsApp on PC

Apk files can only be downloaded on Android devices, so you cannot use them on your P.C. You may need to install one of the available Android emulators to install the apk files on Windows P.C.s.

GBWhatsApp can be installed on your P.C. using these steps. Any questions or difficulties you might have can be asked in the comments section below.

  1. Before you can play Android games on your P.C., you need to install an android emulator. Various emulators are available to suit your needs.
  2. Here you will find the link to GBWhatsApp. Download the latest version, immediately.
  3. You can open GBWhatsApp on an emulator by selecting the GBWhatsApp icon. You can install Android os on your P.C. using the emulator. GBWA can be emulated then.
  4. The App is now available on your P.C., so you can now take advantage of all the great features.

Check out the other apps like WhatsApp JiMods, WhatsApp Plus Reborn, and WhatsApp Plus Holo. Then you may as well enjoy other exciting features.

GBWhatsApp on MaC

Installing on a Mac is very similar to installing on a P.C. The apk file for Mac cannot be installed directly. To use the android emulator, you first have to download it. After that, here is how you can install GBWhatsApp on your Mac.

  1. To use GBWhatsApp, you must click on the link above.
  2. Download the file, after which you must save it to a location you can easily find. Download the apk file in its latest version.
  3. A Java emulator is needed now. The emulator can be downloaded and installed.
  4. You should now be able to access the virtual environment that you installed. Install GBWhatsApp in a folder from the search bar.
  5. Open your apk file using an emulator or by clicking the apk. Install it as a shortcut on your desktop.
  6. Install the Android App on your Mac OS device after you have agreed to the terms and conditions. On Mac OS, it takes just a few minutes to install the GBWhatsApp.
  7. Run GBWhatsApp from the App menu by tapping the icon. On your Mac, now you can take advantage of these great features.


This Infographics will help you to understand latest GB WhatsApp pro apk in details :

F.A.Q – About this App

What is the latest version of GBwhatsapp Apk?

Ans: The Latest version of GB Whatsapp is v8.50 and the upcoming version will be v8.60 which released next month.

GBwhatsapp Safe for iPhone?

Ans: In a word, GBwhatsapp is not for iPhones. So nothing any version available for iPhone iOS devices. So You should avoid all posts about GBwhatsapp for iPhone. When GBwhatsapp is not available for iPhone then it doesn’t matter if is it safe or not.

How to Use GBwhatsapp on Android?

Ans: It’s an alternative of Official Whatsapp. So you can handle it like Whatsapp which you used before. Actually, Gbwhatsapp is the Pro version of Normal Whatsapp. Some more benefits include in Gbwhatsapp but the overall using system is the same.

What is the best Website for downloading GBmods?

Ans: You can download Gbwhatsapp, Whatsapp plus, and all other Apk from our website which was made by Omar. Also, you will get all official GBWA Apk links on this Sub-official Website anytime without any cost.

How do I install GBWhatsApp?

Once you have downloaded the APK from GBWhatsApp in WhatMod APKs, locate it in your downloads folder or wherever you saved it. Click on the file to begin the installation. You can only use it with Android devices. Your device’s security settings may need to be set to ‘Unknown sources.

How do I update GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp Mod APKs keep you updated with the latest updates. Download the APK once it is available. Your Android device will then auto-update itself when an update becomes available.


I say again If you use an old version of GBwhatsapp. You should install the latest version to get the new feature. In the Download link can’t work at this moment please leave a comment. I will try to solve it. If you have any questions about this app. Please ask your question on the Main Page of GB WhatsApp.

I always keep updating this page and all the information about GBwhatsapp v14.00 download. GB WhatsApp Download, Aside from the original WhatsApp features, GBWhatsApp offers you an enhanced user experience, making for a fantastic chat experience. 

So download the new latest version GB Whatsapp Pro Update today. Are you looking for a less stressful, more enjoyable message experience? What are the reasons behind your refusal to download?

I’d love to hear your feedback regarding this. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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